Wes Lord

Journeyman Programmer

This gun's for hire

I'm a Canadian full-stack programmer.

Need some React? How about TypeScript? Or maybe a little Django? Those are my specialties, but I'm broadly curious and ready to pick up new languages and frameworks.

(...except Java.)

Above all, I like helping interesting companies build cool things. If you've got a cool thing and you need another pair of skilled hands, get in contact and let's set up a contract.


A selected assortment

StrategyBox User Portal

StrategyBox, Inc

The user dashboard for StrategyBox's marketing analytics platform. They provided the designs and an API, and I built the entire front-end, including auth systems and API caching.


  • React
  • Redux
  • TypeScript


Fisgard Labs

An experiemental interface for editing and viewing node graphs. This is a personal project that I wrote to explore my love of data visualization.


  • D3
  • SVG
  • Redux
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Django

Jam Games

Made in a weekend

Set Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

OrcaJam 2017

A counter-intuitive game about time-travelling through the solar system. Just because you can travel through time doesn't mean you can travel through space. The earth isn't where you left it, and now you have to get back, using the gravity of the planets to slingshot you home.


OrcaJam 2019

Another game about indirect gravity controls. Fall from the start of the level to the finish. Let gravity be your guide. The only control you have over the character is by rotating the room.


Drop me a line

email: weslord@gmail.com
phone: 250-857-8741
fax: null
github: https://www.github.com/weslord